The program is structured in three years and it includes disciplinary activities (courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, schools), interdisciplinary activities (courses, seminars) and research activity.

Each PhD student is required to acquire 60 credits (CFU) per year.

At least 20 credits should be earned through interdisciplinary activities offered by IUSS 1391 Ferrara (, by analogous course offered by the Universities of Modena-Reggio and Parma and by tutoring. At least 10 credits should be acquired during the first year.

At least 30 credits should be earned through disciplinary activities during the first year. The list of disciplinary activities offered by the PhD program is reported below in this page. Additional disciplinary activities are reported in the home page

At least 35 (resp.50) credits should be earned through research activities during the second (resp. third) year.

At the beginning of each year the PhD-student writes a plan of activities with her/his Supervisor. At the end of each year he/she writes the annual activities report. The forms can be found at


The above rules apply only to PhD students of the 38th cycle or higher (see Regolamento).


XXXVIII cycle - courses

Courses offered to students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Mathematics include: