Ph.D. Students

XXVIII edition, third year:

XXVII edition, Ph. D. defense:

XXVI edition,  Ph. D.:

  • Giacomo Albi [homepage]: biomathematics, kinetic modelling, numerical methods
  • Marco Bencivenni: grid computing, web portal, data mnagement, workflow
  • Maria Giulia Lugaresi: the development of hydraulics and hydrodynamics in Italy in the 18th century
  • Cinzia Luzzi: grid computing, interactive and parallel analysis of large sets of data, HEP experiments, distributed computing
  • Iolanda Nagliati: history of mathematic, XIX century, algebra and analysis

XXV edition, Ph. D.:

XXIV edition, Ph.D.

  • Ludovica Chiodera
  • Luca Magnoni: intelligent monitoring, automated fault diagnosis, complex event processing
  • Thi Nhat Thanh Nguyen: remote sensing, air pollution monitoring, aerosol optical thickness, downscaling, machine learning
  • Marcello Pivanti: high-performance computing, network architectures, high-bandwidth low-latency interconnections

XXIII edition, Ph.D.

XXII edition, Ph. D.

XXI edition, Ph. D.: