Objectives and Employment Opportunities


The main objective of the PhD program in Mathematics is to provide training in the development of skills research in mathematics and its possible applications. This main objective is accompanied by improvement teaching of mathematics in upper secondary school and universities. The program includes the training of mathematicians able to fully exploit the potential of mathematical and statistical tools and methods to address the intrinsic complexity of the problems posed by applied sciences and industry. The first year program includes lectures
advanced theoretical and workshops held by international scholars chosen by the teaching staff to offer students the opportunity to establish direct contacts with the international scientific community. These courses can be chosen from a wide range educational offer in both pure and applied mathematics. In addition, they will be accompanied by courses related to transversal skills such as computer science and programming, and the drafting of research projects within the community.

Doctoral students will also follow personalized courses under the guidance of a tutor in order to introduce them to the topics specifics of their research. Once the required courses and exams are completed, students will predominantly focus on the chosen research project. Students are evaluated annually based on their research progress leads to the drafting of the PhD thesis, to which the PhD program in Mathematics dedicates a great deal of attention.


Employment Opportunities

The high qualification in pure and applied research that will be provided will allow work placement in research centers and sectors technologically advanced services and production. In addition to the founding core of solid mathematical foundations aimed at giving tools to produce innovation, computational-computer-statistical skills must be emphasized immediately expendable from a professional point of view and highly demanded by the labor market.

Specifically, the expected employment opportunities are:

  • Researchers to be included in the university career (Italy or abroad) or in public / private research institutions;
  • Experts in the areas of development of EU research programs also for public / private study centers;
  • People with advanced skills on mathematical models / methods (high-level analysis in industries, financial institutions, companies insurance companies, biomedical and pharmacological centers, managers in public and private entities, public administration managers,service company, professional consultancy);
  • Qualified upper secondary school teachers / managers.

In addition to the classic fields of scientific research, also in other fields (industry, public administration, service companies and consultancy), there is a need for highly qualified professionals in the mathematical sector, able to carry out activities of specific and qualified research and / or able to conceive and implement applied research and innovation projects.