Mobility Partners

The University of Ferrara has agreements with several universities to encourage and support the outgoing mobility of students, to European and non-European countries.

These are the partners suggested for Mathematics and Computer science study fields for Erasmus+ Mobility (more information on this page):


  • University of Antwerp - Antwerp (Belgium)
  • University of Almeria - Almeria (Spain) (only for BSc in Mathematics)
  • Autonomous University - Barcelona (Spain)
  • University of Granada - Granada (Spain) (also for PhD courses)
  • University of Valencia - Valencia (Spain)
  • University Sophia Antipolis - Nice (France) (only for MSc in Mathematics)
  • University of Orléans - Orléans (France)
  • Paris EST Créteil - Paris (France)
  • Heinrich Hein University Dusseldorf - Dusserdolf (Germany)
  • University of Vilnius - Vilnius (Lithuania)
  • University of Gazi - Ankara (Turkey)

Computer sciences

  • University of Almeria - Almeria (Spain)
  • University of Murcia - Murcia (Spain)
  • Paris EST Créteil - Paris (France)
  • University of Vilnius - Vilnius (Lithuania)


Other agreements allow mobility to non-EU countries (more information on this page). Some possibilities are open to students of all Departments, but these are the partners suggested for Mathematics and Computer science:

  • Hanoi University - Hanoi (Vietnam) - Computer science
  • Institut Superieur de Gestion (Universitè de Tunis) - Tunis (Tunisia) - Mathematics