Università di Ferrara, Universitat de València and Universitat Politècnica de Valencia agree to organize together the definition of a specialized training in Mathematics that will end with the release of a double title:

  • Master en Investigación Matemática
  • Laurea Magistrale (+2) in Matematica



Students from Ferrara will spend the first year of Laurea Magistrale in Valencia, attending exams and the final work to achieve the title in "Master en Investigación Matemática". After that, they must complete the degree in Ferrara, with exams and the final work, to achieve the title in "Laurea Magistrale in Matematica".

Students from Valencia, enrolled in the Master en Investigación Matemática, will attend one year in Ferrara that corresponds to the 2nd year of "Laurea Magistrale" ( according to established correspondence), and a semester more to complete the final work and achieve the two titles.

The curriculum can be modified for adjusting the training offer in accordance with the provisions of the Bilateral Commission.


Organization and content of the training

Organization of training

Students eligible to attend this training course will follow a part of their studies at the partner university. Students will attend lessons for the achievement of credits required at the host university, as decided by a bilateral commission. The mobility will take place during the first year of the course.

Language of instruction

Lessons are offered in Spanish, Italian and English. The final work could be prepared in one of these languages, with a short abstract written in the two not chosen.


Final exam

The final dissertation on a topic agreed will be prepared under the supervision of two mentors, one of each part, discussed at both locations, also with video conferencing, and evaluated by a Commission of Italian and Spanish teachers.

Assessment of training

Assessment methods of knowledge

Students admitted to the project carry out part of their course of study at the partner University. They attend the lessons to achieve the agreed credits at the host University.
For each exam there will be a vote or an assessment, according to the following system:

for the Italian part

votes on individual learning activities are expressed on 30, so the pass mark is 18 and the maximum grade is 30 with honours.
The final vote for the achievement of the title is expressed on 110, so the pass mark is 66 and the maximum grade is 110 cum laude.

for the Spanish part

votes on individual learning activities are expressed on 10, so the pass mark is 5 and the maximum grade is 10.

The final vote for the graduation is expressed on 10, with 10 as maximum grade and 5 as pass mark.


Bilateral Commission

The Bilateral Commission consists of 7 units:

-          The Director of the Master in Investigación Matemática

-          The President of Laurea magistrale in Matematica

-          A lecturer from the Master

-          A lecturer from Ferrara

-          3 clerks, one from each part

The Commission plans and follows the personal plan of the student, adjusting the agreements in case of educational changes, intervenes about educational issues, assesses the eligibility of students into the project.

The agreement is valid for 4 years, from 2017/18.